Does the New Year call for your New Career?

career_signpostsYour career path can be a particularly tricky one to navigate; particularly if you aren’t sure which direction to take. If you are considering a career change in 2013, the questions below could help in making a smoother choice:

First of all, work out if your current career is the right one for you:

  • how much do you enjoy what you do?
  • what does career mean to you? What’s important to you when it comes to career?
  • is your current career path something you inherited? Are you on this path simply because one (or both) of your parents did the same?
  • how well do you see yourself as ‘fitting’ your current career path? Do you have the right skills, knowledge and background?
  • do you have the right motivational fit which will see you be successful in the long term?
  • how well does your personality match with the requirements of the role; both now and in the future?
  • how satisfied are you with your performance and achievements to date?

Do you want a change in direction, or a change of pace?

  • what are your expectations on how quickly you can progress along your chosen career path? How accurately do these expectations match with reality?
  • how well ‘connected’ are you within your chosen industry? Have you forged the relationships which will help you in progressing along your chosen path?
  • are your personal strengths and motivational drivers aligned with the direction you are headed in?
  • do you have the technical, behavioural and leadership skills required?
  • how satisfied are you with the environment you are working in?
  • how clearly can you answer the question ‘why do you come to work each day’? Do you have clarity of purpose around your role and career?

The answer as to which path to take is something only you can answer. Answering these questions however, and seeking involvement from those around you will help point you in the right direction. The next question to ask yourself is ‘what am I prepared to do in order to make the necessary changes or improvements?’. This is where your adaptability, commitment and personal motivation take the wheel.

Now is your chance to make 2013 the year that you take action to ensure your career progression is on the right track!